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On the very rare occasions when my husband empties the dishwasher, I feel  frustrated rather than assisted. He always (as in “every time”) leaves something – or a couple somethings – out, claiming he doesn’t know where the item goes.

Now, after all these years in the same kitchen, how is it that he doesn’t know that the gadgets go in the gadget drawer, or that certain bowls nest in each other in the cabinet? These are not secrets and these items don’t get moved around. They’ve been in the same place—usually the place he got them. There is nothing worse than disturbing the pleasant view of the bare smooth lines of the kitchen counter. An uncluttered counter affords infinite possibilities (a really involved meal on a whim?) and simple, pleasurable orderliness in the most important room in the house. Is that too much to ask?

So, on the surface, my issue is with stuff being piled everywhere, a condition I call “Crap Creep,” which infects every flat surface that happens to be near my husband. If there’s a table next to the bed, it will become infected with detritus from his pocket that could stay there for months. And he can open a letter and leave it there—wherever—for weeks on end. And no job is completely done, ever: the windows are painted but not scraped, the grass is mowed by not edged, and the dishwasher is empty….but not quite.

Maybe the problem is that an uncompleted project nags at me, preventing me from moving on, cracking a smile, or listening to someone—never mind sleeping. Maybe I’m jealous that my husband can just move along with life, regardless of what isn’t finished and surfaces are cluttered. Then again, I may be reading too much into my husband’s basic tendencies to get bored with projects and move on, unconcerned.

Maybe I simply like smooth surfaces.