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Buying presents for my husband was always a challenge. I worked hard to try to get him something he liked and he almost never did like it.  He was (and still is) always distressing honest about whether the gift was a hit or a miss, as I’d come to think of it.

I am the opposite. I always say “I love it!” to whatever he gets me, because I love the effort he made. Except once.

One year for Christmas, he gave me Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD. We hadn’t been married very long. I tried to be polite and thanked him,  but my curiosity finally got to me.

“Why did you get me that CD?” I asked him. “Because you like her so I thought you’d like her Christmas CD,” he replied. “What made you think I like her?” I asked.  Because you listen to her music; you have her other CD’s…” he trailed off, obviously remembering something.

That was his other girlfriend.