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Cupcake envy

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Eating out, Food

My husband and I were out for lunch the other day. We ordered with some restraint for once (plus we had a coupon for 25% off the entire check!)  so when it came time to make the “Do we or don’t we?”  dessert decision, I took matters into my own hands.

Usually, the conversation goes sort of like this:

  • Me: Do you want to get any dessert?
    Him: No.
    Me: The Tiramisu looks really good here!
    Him: No.
    Me: Oh look! They have little cupcakes now!
    Him: No.

So this time, when the waitress came to ask The Question, I said, “Yes, we’ll have one of each cupcake (they only have two kinds, Carrot Cake and Red Velvet…cuts down on the waffling, at least) to go.”  To him I said, “We can have coffee and dessert later on this afternoon.”

I thought he said, “Okay”.

Until later.

After we got home I said, “Want to have some coffee and those little cupcakes now?” to which he replied (surprise), “No”.

This time, I asked him why.


  • Him: Because I don’t like cupcakes.
  • Me: But I thought I remembered you ordering a Red Velvet Cupcake in the summer.
  • Him: Now you get too excited about them. I don’t want anything that you get that excited about.

All-righty then.

I made my coffee. I ate my cupcake and drank some of my coffee. Then I ate his cupcake and drank some more of my coffee.

Best cupcake I ever had.


My husband and I had gone out to eat for breakfast and I sat across from him watching him read the paper.

Not talking with me.

I just sat and ate.

I was stewing about his jacket. He has this tan jacket that he wears ALL THE TIME. It has seen better days and the tan has turned to black around the middle and on the cuffs. I hate this jacket. It belongs in the garbage. I feel it is way too dirty to ever be worn to town, let alone in my company. He wears it happily to his parents’, to work, and to church.

Oh, how embarrassed I am by this!

I finally cannot stand it anymore and say to him, “Let’s get you a new jacket.” His simple response is,  “Why? I have a new one at home.”

I thought I was going to explode. He had a new one at home and I have been going to town with him wearing this dirty one. I blurt out, ” Why aren’t you wearing it? ” He says, “If I wear it, it will get dirty. I don’t want it to get dirty.”

The new one is still hanging in the closet and has a nice layer of dust on it.